The #1 Rule for Springhouse:

Not everyone has the personality to live in a multi-family community such as ours.  It is our goal to assure that all our Residents are comfortable, secure, and free from unreasonable nuisance, harassment and annoyance.  It is each Resident’s responsibility to be considerate of other Residents and not act in a way that may disturb others living at the facility.  Noise, harassing or vulgar speech, or any other activity on a Resident’s part that tends to unreasonably annoy, harass, or disturb another Resident will not be tolerated and will constitute a breach of your Lease.  It is our goal to provide you and every other Resident of our community a nice place to live.

Additional Rules:

  1. Do not attach any name, image, drawing, or graffiti on any entry door, passageway, building, window, or similar surface, or any sign, foil, sticker, or decal to any window or door.
  2. If provided by Landlord, mini-blinds and verticals shall not be removed by Resident. If Resident installs curtains, they must show white or off-white from the outside, and Resident shall remove such curtains at the end of the Lease Term and shall repair any damage.
  3. Welcome mats in good repair can be placed in front of doors, but rugs or carpet remnants are not permitted.
  4. Resident shall be responsible for replacement of light bulbs.
  5. No radio/television wires, antennae or satellite dishes shall be installed on the exterior of the Apartment.
  6. Resident must keep utilities turned on at all times, and keep the heat set at no less than 60 degrees in cold weather. Any damages from the utilities being turned off shall be paid by Resident. 
  7. Trash and garbage shall be placed “in” the dumpsters provided by the Landlord and shall not be placed on the side of the dumpster, on the patio, balcony, or in common hallways.  Any breach of this rule may cause Resident to be fined $100.
  8. Storage of any flammable or explosive items is strictly prohibited.
  9. We prefer you did not smoke in your apartment   If smoking odors are present in and cannot be removed from your carpet, Resident shall pay for the replacement of the carpet.  SMOKING IN THE CLUBHOUSE IS NOT PERMITTED. SMOKING IN THE POOL AREA IS NOT PERMITTED.
  10. The amenities are for the exclusive use of the Residents and their permitted guest, however Resident must accompany their guest while using any of the amenities. Residents and their guests shall abide by the rules posted at each amenity.  Residents are responsible for guest actions while using the facilities and must accompany them at all times.  Use of the amenities is at the sole risk of the Resident. Landlord is not responsible for injury or accident that may occur. Landlord reserves the right to restrict the use of all facilities and amenities.
  11. There shall be no repairs made to vehicles on the property, other than changing a flat tire or jump starting a dead battery.
  12. Resident(s) shall not obstruct the walkways, passageways, stairs, halls, outside storage and gathering areas or other such areas in any way. 
  13. Balcony or patio areas are to be kept in a clean and orderly manner. Storage on the patio of any kind is prohibited.  The only items allowed on a balcony or patio is “patio furniture” and plants.  All other items are prohibited.
  14. The washer and dryer are for the exclusive use of the Resident(s). The Resident will not allow a non-Resident to use the washer and dryer, with the exception of occasional guests of the Resident.
  15. Locks may not be changed unless changed by Landlord. Additional locks or security devices must be installed by Landlord and may not be installed without prior written approval of Landlord, and if Landlord grants such approval, said additional locks or devices shall become the property of Landlord. All keys shall be surrendered to Landlord at the end of the Lease Term. In the event of a lost or stolen key, a fee of $50.00 will be charged to the Resident. It is the Resident’s responsibility to inform the Landlord in the event of a lost or stolen key immediately. Landlord will change the lock(s) associated with the lost key at the cost of the Resident.
  16.  In the event Resident requires Landlord to unlock Resident’s door due to Resident not having the key, the following will apply:
    1. During office hours – no charge
    2. After office hours until 12:00 am – a $25.00 service charge shall be due at the time service is provided.
    3. After office hours from 12:00 am until opening of office – a $50.00 service charge shall be due at the time service is provided.
  17. Resident’s personal items left in the pool areas, clubhouse, or other common areas of the Apartment Complex may be discarded by the Landlord.
  18. Bicycles may be parked only at approved / provided bicycle racks and storage sites.


  1. The clubhouse, pool, dog park, and all other amenities are provided for the use of Residents and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by Resident when using any of the amenities. Persons 16 and under must have adult supervision when at the pool or in the clubhouse.
  2. Residents are requested to report vandalism and unauthorized users.
  3. No glass containers are permitted in the pool or the pool area.  Food is not allowed in the fitness center or near equipment in the recreation room.  No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the fitness center or recreation room at any time.
  4. No smoking in the pool area. Smoking on the patio is allowed.
  5. Residents are responsible for cleaning up their own mess anywhere they make it and will wipe down the exercise equipment after each use to make it ready for the next resident.
  6. Residents are not authorized to remove equipment or furniture from the fitness room, recreation rooms, or other common areas.


Parking spaces are intended for the exclusive use of Resident(s) and Resident’s guests. The following policies apply:

  1. Vehicles in use on the grounds of the Apartment Complex may not exceed a speed of 10 miles per hour.
  2. Motorcycles may only be parked in designated parking spaces. 
  3. Resident(s) shall not park on the grass, in fire lanes or in any manner such to obstruct the normal flow of traffic.
  4. Resident parking spots are closest to the buildings. Guest parking spots are located across from the buildings.


Landlord acknowledges the right of Resident to entertain friends and to have parties. Resident and Resident’s guests shall at all times conduct themselves in such a manner as to not cause excessive noise that will interrupt the peaceful enjoyment of other Residents. The following shall apply to complaints concerning a Resident’s violation of this rule: (i) first offense, a written warning specifying the nature of the complaint; and (ii) second offense, a $100.00 charge will be assessed and the Guarantor (if applicable) will be notified and Landlord may declare the Lease to be in default.

  1. A party exists when there are eight (8) or more guests at an event being hosted by a Resident.
  2. Parties must be registered with the Landlord. If not, the party will be shut down.
  3. No more than eight 8 persons may attend the party in an Apartment without Landlord’s consent.
  4. Open parties are not allowed. Guests must be invited. Flyer-type announcements are not permissible.
  5. All parties must end by 10:00 pm.
  6. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed without warning. Advise guests to abide by parking rules or to park off-site.


A violation of these Community Policies shall constitute a violation of the Lease and shall entitle Landlord to pursue any rights or remedies it has for your breach of the Lease, including eviction.


YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN RENTERS INSURANCE.  If you cause damage to your Apartment, to another apartment, or to an amenity, you will be liable for its repair, replacement, and for our loss of rents.  


The Landlord has made available to Resident the use of exercise equipment, pool, dog park, and other amenities, which you may use, or not.  Landlord does not provide lifeguards, monitors, or instructors with regard to such amenities and each Resident is cautioned to make use of these amenities at their discretion, and at their own risk.  By use of any of these amenities each resident agrees that neither the Landlord nor its agent is responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury that the Resident might sustain as a result of the Resident’s use of the amenities provided, including the pool, fitness center, dog park, or other amenities.


About Mold.  Mold is generally associated with moisture or water.  You are responsible for keeping your apartment clean and keeping spills cleaned up.  If you notice a water leak, or you see what you think might be mold, notify our maintenance staff immediately. 

If you fail to comply, you could be held responsible for property damage to the apartment and any health problems that may result.  We can’t fix problems in your apartment unless we know about them.

About Bed BugsBed bugs are wingless, flat, reddish‐brown, oval insects about 3/16‐inch long or the size of an apple seed. Detecting bed bugs can be difficult, as they are mostly nocturnal. However, evidence of an infestation can often be found in, around and between cracks and crevices including mattress seams, sheets and other bedding, carpeting, furniture, under cushions, behind baseboards, curtains, electrical outlet plates, picture frames and along window and door frames

Preventing Bed Bugs.  In order to minimize the potential for a bed bud infestation in your apartment, you must do the following:

  1. Do not bring used furniture or belongings from unknown sources into your Apartment.
  2. Inform the management office about bed bud sightings and do not try to treat the problem yourself.  Improper treatment can be ineffective and harmful to your health and the health of other Residents.
  3. Inspect your belongings after travel and prior to returning to your Apartment.
  4. Inspect the apartment within 48 hours after move‐in and immediately report any evidence of bed bugs or bed bug infestation. If we do not receive notification, you and we agree that no presence or infestation of bed bugs exists.
  5. Unless you tell us otherwise when completing your lease application, we assume You are not aware of any infestation or presence of bed bugs in your previous or current place of residence, your furniture, clothing or personal property and that you have not been subjected to conditions in which there was any bed bug infestation or presence.  If you previously lived anywhere that had a bed bug infestation, you agree that all of your personal belongings (including furniture, clothing and bedding) have been treated by a licensed pest control professional and are free of further infestation. If you disclose a previous experience with bed bugs, we can request documentation of the treatment and inspect your belongings to confirm the absence of bed bugs. Any previous bed bug infestation must be disclosed to us.
  6. You agree that you will not attempt to resolve bed bug infestations yourself. You (and your family members, occupants and guests) must allow us and licensed pest control agents to enter the apartment at reasonable times to inspect for and treat bed bugs. We will select the treatment method, as well as the pest control agent. We can also inspect and treat adjacent
    or neighboring apartments to the infestation.
  7. You must fully cooperate with us and follow all of our directions to treat and eliminate bed bugs. You agree that you are responsible for and must, at your own expense, have your personal property (including furniture, clothing and bedding) treated according to approved treatment methods as close as possible to the time we treat the apartment. You must remove or destroy any personal belongings that cannot be treated or cleaned as close as possible to the time we treat the apartment. Any removed items must be disposed of off‐site. If we confirm the presence or infestation of bed bugs in your apartment, we have the right to require you to temporarily vacate the apartment and remove all belongings in order for us to perform pest control services.

If you fail to comply with this policy, you could be held responsible for property damage to the apartment and any health problems that may result.  We can’t fix problems in your apartment unless we know about them


While you live with us we may build new buildings, or remodel existing ones, and these activities may cause you some inconvenience.  Such inconvenience could include, but is not limited to, detours, storage of construction materials, noise, fumes, construction debris and dust and other hazards and nuisances.  Landlord will do its best to cause as little inconvenience to you as possible, however Resident waives any claim to compensation, of any kind, for such periodic inconvenience. 


Landlord reserves the right to make changes to these Community Policies and such amended Community Policies shall be deemed as equally binding upon Resident as if originally set forth herein.  You are responsible for your guests compliance with all policies stipulated in the Community Policies. The Landlord will use reasonable efforts to get all Residents and other persons to comply with the Community Policies but Landlord will not be responsible to you if Landlord fails to cause any persons’ compliance.